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13 March 08:30-09:30Umeå Biotech Incubator, Conference room "Skogen"

Welcome to a UBI House breakfast & seminar at Tvistevägen 48, in conference room "Skogen".

Speaker: Daniel Pacurar.
The founder of Boreal Orchards runs the UBI case "Shades of Green" which is developing innovative approaches for sustainable and adaptive greening solutions both for urban environments and for restoring disturbed ecosystems.
The aim is to create moss-coated solutions for outdoor and indoor spaces that are both functional and aesthetic.
Among other ongoing activities, Daniel leads the Vinnova- and mining industry-financed project, "ReMOSS: Ecological restoration of post-mining landscapes with native moss". 
Read more about ReMOSS here. 

Registration deadline: 
Monday, March 11 at 12.00. 

UBI offers breakfast from 8.15. The seminar starts at 8.30.

Participation fee: This event is sponsored by Umeå Biotech Incubator (UBI) with support from the European Union. There is no actual fee for participating. For delegates from the industry, state-aid/de-minimis will be accounted for corresponding to 50 SEK per person.

State aid & de-minimis: Umeå Biotech Incubator is obliged to account for activities they arrange, and support they provide, that are directed to specific companies or a group of companies where the receiving companies do not pay market price for the participation. The value of this support is accounted for as state-aid. 
Small amounts of State aid (‘de minimis’ aid) are exempted from State aid control, as they are deemed to have no impact on competition and trade in the internal market of the European Union (EU). De minimis aid indeed refers to small amounts of State aid to undertakings (companies) that do not have to be notified to the European Commission by the EU Member States.
The maximum amount is € 300,000 for each undertaking over 3 years.
De minimis can also be granted to large companies that are not entitled to larger sums of state-aid under Article 22. 

Read more on state-aid and de-minimis here:

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